About us

We, as a company, have made it our priority to support and promote innovative, developable and viable business ideas. In doing so, we can fall back on many years of personal experience in the area of supporting founders and self-employment that we are happy to pass on to founders of new businesses and companies.

What we do

It is our aim to promote good ideas and to put them into practice. We get involved in two fundamental areas of entrepreneurship:

Who we support and how

Are you interested in setting up your own business? We will sit down and analyse your business idea with you and discuss the extent to which our advisory and/or financial support can be of benefit to you in putting your idea into practice. For us to be able to be successful in supporting you, close proximity to each other would be of advantage. Business set-ups in the south of Germany are thus of particular interest to us. After preliminary talks, we will then get going with the “project” and support you on your way to becoming self-employed.