ProDevelop GmbH

ProDevelop GmbH was founded by Claudia and Dr Matthias Hohenstein at the same time as Hohenstein Verwaltungs-GmbH.

On the basis of the experiences at ProDigital ProDigital, the founders tried to set-up ProDevelop GmbH in the best possible way. Whilst Claudia Hohenstein, who deceased in 2012, took over the sectors of personnel, finances and administration, Dr Matthias Hohenstein set up the areas of software development, data generation and consulting.

The developed basic scheme was successfully adopted in other business start-ups (mind-IT GmbH, imqs GmbH, Universal Ware GmbH or 3D Global Group).

Today, ProDevelop GmbH is engaged in data and software solutions in the automotive sector as well as in enterprise resource planning and migration projects.